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2021 New Models!
The Original Lift System "CRL 6000" is available for M.S.R.P. $4,799.00
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Sale! $4,299.95 *Plus freight to your location.
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Delivery estimate: anywhere from 7-20 days to your location.
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Model: CRL 6000

Optional Wheel Chock

Tow Bar

Optional Tow Bar


Best Option for 5th Wheel Trailers:

Starting at: $3,975.00 * Plus Options & Freight....

(1) Swivel wheel 58 - Your price = $3,975.00
(1) Dual receiver hitch - Your price = $278.75
(1) Spare tire and wheel - Your price = $176.25
(1) Locking wheel chock - Your price = $276.25
(1) Three piece ramp - Your Price = $793.75

* Plus Freight....

    Dual Swivel

*Dual Swivel wheel option is available for larger loads!



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